Dr Demartini Public Talk 12 August 2015

2015-08-12 19.06.52

Dr John Demartini is one of our regular clients, and once again it was a phenominal experience working alongside the team from the Demartini Institute to facilitate his events here in South Africa.

2015-08-12 19.06.52

12 Steps to Great Achievement saw over 300 people arriving at The Hilton in Sandton on Wednesday 12th August to listen to Dr Demartini speaking. The public talks are roughly two hours in length, and Dr. Demartini imparts great knowledge, as well as tips on his well known Value Determination Process, which is covered in depth in The Breakthrough Experience, Dr. Demartini’s 2 day signature programme.

For more information visit www.DrDemartini.com or call 011 011 9094.

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